Alternative & Guerilla marketing

We are alternative, aren't we?

My friend and partner and I, created our first team specialists over 20 years ago, when

« alternative, guérilla, consumer, street, place-to-be, wc » 

marketing words were just totally unknown!  We were viewed as ET!

But now!

The show must go on!  And we prefer to remain behind the scenes and give you all necessary steps to win your challenge.

How do we proceed!
We begin with an empty simple white page, which sets the stage for countless ways to reach consumers (yours).
Our ideas-maker combine their real experiences to imagine and further create strong marketing plans that surround and engage the consumer.

The market is evolving each day!  

The ever-fragmenting media landscape, combined with the consumer's ability to take control of the marketing relationship, witch means that we have to always be ready to adapt.

In this environment, knowledge is power.

That's why we continually invest in the latest tools and techniques and look for professional partners.
We're huge believers in creative ideas and strategies that reach consumers in unexpected ways, unleashing an echoing and impacting effect.

Our innovation in global marketing expertise continues to be acknowledged in Europe.

Everything we do is continually monitored to ensure that our requests have been fully satisfied. 

No other way, if something’s wrong we take immediate action!
No « weekend » for reaction!  The client is always in the place, day and night, 24/7/365!
Do not forget it.  The client never sleeps, the client never slept and your client is like you when you are client!  
Did you forgot it?  Did you forgot how you are as client?  We did not!

It is why we are so determined to give the best result for the client. 

This is also why we can sit with you, analyze and understand all aspects, needs and challenges for boost your brands and products.


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